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Fruit of Legendary Perfection

Great tasting, healthy produce year-round. That is our promise.

To keep that promise, we make sure we source and ship only the best fruit. Melons, grapes, stone or citrus fruit: We work with our farmers, monitor our fruit, ensure quality at every step and offer only the best selection.


Our enhanced Farm-to-Table process results in sweet, juicy, full-flavored melons, every time!

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Our sweet and crunchy grapes are always in season! Whether they are red, green, or black, we strive to deliver the latest and highest quality options from both domestic and international sources.

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Stone Fruit

Be it plums, nectarines, or peaches, we exclusively deliver the finest selections from the harvest.

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Ourfruit Stonefruit


We are proud to offer high-quality, sweet, and premium cherries from Chile and Argentina!

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Our commitment to quality extends to our citrus fruit. We source and offer only the best tasting citrus from around the world.

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