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Our commitment extends beyond the quality and sourcing of our products; it encompasses a broader perspective.

We recognize that doing what's right means considering the larger context, which includes preserving our planet and its resources, as well as respecting the well-being of current and future inhabitants.

Throughout our journey, we have actively sought and forged partnerships with organizations such as Fair Trade USA and CCOF. Our aim is to promote a conscientious approach to cultivating our produce, one that prioritizes environmental sustainability and human welfare alike.

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certified™ farms undergo thorough audits to uphold stringent criteria, guaranteeing secure working environments, environmental preservation, fair compensation, and various other essential factors.

As an authorized Fair Trade brand, we contribute an extra sum for each pound of our products sold under Fair Trade standards. This funding is directed towards a Community Development Fund, overseen by the labor force, and allocated to initiatives aimed at enhancing their overall well-being.

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CCOF, which stands for "California Certified Organic Farmers," represents more than just ensuring our produce is "non-GMO." It signifies a commitment to sustainable agriculture, guaranteeing that our produce is cultivated in a manner that promotes long-term environmental well-being. This includes maintaining organic land free from prohibited substances for a minimum of three years prior to harvest.

Paying it forward: Each CCOF-certified operation plays a role in advancing organic practices. CCOF allocates 2 percent of the certification fees from every operation to the CCOF Foundation. This 2 percent enables the foundation to provide grants to educators and students pursuing studies in organic agriculture, offer assistance to organic operations facing hardships, develop educational programs for aspiring organic professionals, and raise awareness among consumers about organic practices.

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Rain Forest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance looks at the business and agricultural aspects of forestry in the respective regions. Farmers and the communities they live in, and their livelihood all come into play. Ultimately, their work affects all of us by ensuring a sustainable approach to farming around the world.