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Be it plums, nectarines, or peaches, we exclusively deliver the finest selections from the harvest.

Our latest introductions of unique specialty varieties will change the way you think about stone fruit.

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Speciality Stone Fruit

Specialty Stone Fruit Sugar Plums

Sugar Plums

With a perfect blend of sweetness and a high brix level, our Sugar Plums boast a vibrant red to purple skin encasing luscious golden-yellow flesh. Discover the delight of small, sweet perfection in every bite!

Specialty Stone Fruit Lemon Plums

Lemon Plums

Grown in Chile and South Africa, our Lemon Plums bring a burst of vibrant color to your plate. With their yellow skin ripening into a stunning red hue, these fruits promise optimal sweetness and juiciness when stored at room temperature.

Specialty Stone Fruit Watermelon Plums

Watermelon Plums

Our Watermelon Plums are grown in the lush landscapes of South Africa. Featuring green skin and red flesh, reminiscent of a watermelon, each bite is a refreshing experience.

Specialty Stone Fruit Extra Sweet Red Plums

Extra Sweet Red Plums

Cultivated in the soils of Chile and South Africa, our fruit encapsulates a spectrum of red, yellow and purple. Store at room temperature for the optimal blend of sweet and juicy goodness, with flesh ranging from yellow to red, boasting high brix levels.

Specialty Stone Fruit Donut Peaches

Donut Peaches

These peaches boast tender, juicy, and sweet white flesh with a uniquely low acid-to-sugar ratio, resulting in a delightful and mild flavor. Perfect for snacking or enhancing culinary creations, Donut Peaches offer a sweet and refreshing twist to the classic peach experience.

Specialty Stone Fruit Extra Sweet Nectarines

Extra Sweet Nectarines

Extra Sweet Nectarines, in both white and yellow varieties, are the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess. The white flesh is sweet and juicy, while the yellow flesh adds vibrancy with a hint of tartness. Great for snacking or culinary creations, these nectarines offer a refreshing and satisfying flavor experience.

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