Chocolate Hazelnut and Cherry Toast

Elevate your morning toast routine by slathering Nutella or your favourite chocolate hazelnut spread generously on a slice of toast.

Top this with chopped cherries for a quick and indulgent treat to enjoy almost any time of the day!


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread
  • Nutella (to taste)
  • Fresh Cherries (about 8-10 cherries)


  1. Wash and pit cherries. Slice them in half.
  2. Toast the sourdough bread slices in a toaster until they are golden brown and crisp to your liking.
  3. While the toast is still warm, spread a generous amount of Nutella on each slice. Adjust the amount to your preference.
  4. Place cherries on top of the Nutella-covered toast slices. Depending on your preference, you can arrange them in a neat row or scatter them.
  5. Serve your Nutella and Cherry Sourdough Toast immediately while it’s still warm. It’s a delightful treat for breakfast, brunch, or a sweet snack.
Chocolate Hazelnut And Cherry Toast
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