Dulcinea® Melon Pops with Creamy Yogurt

Layers of fresh frozen flavors on a stick. Finely mashed Dulcinea® melons blend dreamily with your favorite yogurts to make a modern-day version of the old 50/50 bar.


  • Spoon a little of your favorite flavor of yogurt into the bottom of popsicle makers or small paper cups
  • Add a layer of mashed Tuscan-Style® Extra Sweet Cantaloupe or PureHeart® Mini Seedless Watermelon
  • Repeat layers
  • Sprinkle a little bit of decorative cake sprinkles on top (optional)
  • Add sticks and freeze until firm


  • To keep sticks standing up in cups, top filled cups with a small piece of foil. Make a small slit in the center and slide the stick through. It will stay standing until popsicles are frozen.
  • To remove popsicles from molds or cups, turn sideways and run under warm water until the popsicles slide out easily.
  • Alternate layers of different colors of yogurt with mashed melon for fun and colorful striped pops.
  • Mashing melon is easy! Just put small cubes onto a large cutting board or a large plate and mash with a fork
Melon Pops With Creamy Yogurt
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